CORDYCEPS is a diabolically brutal technical death metal band reigning from Las Vegas, Nevada. The unit came together in 2014 and spent 2 years perfecting their sound. CORDYCEPS meshes elements of slam and death metal with modern technical approaches giving them a very prominent sound in the heavy metal genre. CORDYCEPS brings an onslaught of powerful blasts, pummeling low end, cutting guitar riffs and a range of merciless vocals all intertwined with technical musicianship and fluid songwriting.


CORDYCEPS attained the attention of various labels with their debut EP titled “BLACK BLOOD BUTCHERY” which was released by New Standard Elite records in June of 2017. The album features 5 tracks of pure brutality including “Predetorial Existence” which includes guest vocals from Andrew LoMastro of Cerebral Incubation.


CORDYCEPS has a tour planned for fall 2017 with CEREBRAL INCUBATION to promote the release of “Black Blood Butchery” which will serve as follow up to the bands appearances at ARIZONA DEATH FEST, CHICAGO DOMINATION FEST & LOS ANGELES EXTINCTION FEST. Fan responses to the debut EP and live performances have been stellar, priming CORDYCEPS for great things in their future.


In July of 2017, CORDYCEPS also attained the attention of New York based Extreme Management Group Inc. landing the band on a roster alongside bands such as SUFFOCATION, CATTLE DECAPTIATION, CRYPTOPSY, ORIGIN, DECREPIT BIRTH, RINGS OF SATURN, INTERNAL BLEEDING, SOREPTION and more.


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